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Advances in communication technology have generated fluid communication and transformed traditional platforms, producers, consumers and controllers of media as fluid infosphere. The result, from the perspective of a sociology of communication, is an emergence of “in-betweenness” (Floridi) – places where boundaries are liquid, where there are ruptures and impositions between traditional dichotomies – the global and local, the producer and consumer, the professional and the amateur, the public and the private, the digital and the analog, the virtual and the real are now navigating in “liquid modernity” (Zygmunt Bauman) where society is increasingly is of “global tourists” and “global diasporas” increasingly in “limbo.” 

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This call for papers looks for research work that broadly investigates these new liquid borders and the way in which technologies are reshaping traditional fixed boundaries. Research into formal theories of sociology of communication, fuzzy logic and identity, border spaces and boundary behaviors at the edge of divergent points is welcome. We are interested in exploring, at the most fundamental level, what happens at these boundaries and the nature of the fluidity of communication at those boundaries in “liquid modernity.” How do we navigate fluid communication in “liquid modernity”?

Reviewing Committee:

Dr. Basilio G Monteiro.
St. John’s University, New York.

Dr. Mark Juszczak.
St. John’s University, New York.

Dr. Shweta Sinha.
St. John’s University, New York.

Ms. Alexandra Gray.
St. John’s University, New York.

Ms. Carmen Collins.
St. John’s University, New York.